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The competition is held within the bounds of the Universal Exposition "EXPO-2008"
(Zaragoza, Spain)

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

We proudly invite you to participate in our photo Contest "The Water on Earth".

Organizers: Directorate of the Russian section at the Universal Exposition "EXPO-2008" "InConnect" LLC, Museum "The Moscow House of Photography", Google.

The objective of the Contest is to promote the idea of Russian participation in the Universal Exposition "EXPO-2008" among the general public, as well as to draw everyone's attention to the necessity of rational use and preserving of water resources - this invaluable gift of the Nature, this great richness of all nations,
this source of emotional and spiritual potential which is indispensable for the all-round development of all civilizations.

The contestant photos are classified by following categories:

Best place in the world: landscape photographs with the views of water.
Water in daily life: reportage and artistic photos, entertaining activities on water, traveling, fountains, water sports.
Catastrophes: floods, tsunami, mud torrents.

Both professional and amateur photographers are allowed to participate in the Contest.
The Contest is open and is held in one round, the geography of participants being unlimited.
There is no entrance fee.

According to the outcome of the Contest, the jury awards the winners with prizes:
1st place - a journey to the "EXPO-2008" to Zaragoza;
2nd place - video camera;
3rd place - photo camera;

A special award will be presented for the winner of the Visitors's poll.
After the Contest, in September 2008, the exhibition of the best photographs will take place.

Rules of engagements:
Only photos corresponding to the purpose and objectives of the Contest are allowed to participate.
The Contest accepts the works in the form of digital photographs which correspond to the description of the nomination they are proposed for.
The volume of one series of photographs ranges from 1 to 15, the quantity of series being unlimited.
Each contestant may participate in different nominations simultaneously.
The photographs are accepted until 25th of august 2008.

The registration of the contestants is possible during all the period.
Each participant can leave comments about his work during the contest.
Each participant has the right to withdraw from the contest, if he does so in more than 3 days before the end of the Contest and informs the Organizing Committee accordingly.
According to the p.2 c.437 of the Civil Code, this announcement is considered a public offer. By sending his work to the contest, each participant is thereby accepts to conclude the Author's contract with
the Organizing Committee. In compliance with the Author's contract, the Organizing Committee has the right to use the photographs sent to the Contest during the Contest itself and during the further exhibition of winner works. The Organizing Committee has the right to
use the photographs sent to the Contest publicly and in non-commercial objectives (during exhibitions and for typography) without paying the Author's fee. The Organizing Committee is obliged to indicate the Author's copyright.

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